All our cute animals

We have been told before that, "Your animals are more pets than livestock!"

mini pig with chickens

Nothing better describes our pigs.

Mini pigs are the best pet for the empty nester like us, and some breeds are compact meat producers.

At Angel Corners garden we are not separated form our food. While we are not a sanctuary, if it has a name it's safe and a life-long pet. Yes, all the pigs have names, but the chickens and ducks do not. Bunny is safe as her name is "Bunny" or "That Evil Rabbit."

Those cute pig noses: We are often known for our cute pigs since we constantly post cute piggy pics. The pigs have travelled to local schools and children's therapy events. We really enjoy them and find them low maintenance and fun pets. But we do not recommend them to others as they are not "like dogs" and have their own special needs. You may be a perfect potential pig parent, but since 95% of all mini pigs are rehomed and eventually slaughtered, a pig is more than likely not a good fit for your family. Please read our mini pig facts page and feel free to ask any questions before you adopt a pet pig. We are here to help mentor you through training and proper pig care.

Chickens: We have a variety of heritage breeds and hatch barn-yard mixes from them in the spring through fall. We gladly give advise on chicken care and maintenance as well as help you out with chicks.

chickens in the grapevines and blackberry patch

Ducks: We have raised a variety of duck breeds and have settled on Peking ducks for egg production and eventually meat. We highly recommend ducks for eggs and having a flock of both chickens and ducks together.

Rabbits: The rabbit was a gift we could not refuse. I raised rabbits in high school and can not say we wanted to have any now. Regardless, we have one. It's amusing to watch, and it's not going anywhere. The evil red eyed bunny is kind of funny and we enjoy her antics.

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