Angel Corners Garden needs your support

Angel Corners Garden is in need of your financial support. The cost to operate the Garden mission averages over $3,500 a year. For the past few years, the burden of up keeping and adding to the garden has fallen primarily on our family. Unfortunately, we can no longer bear this burden alone and ask that you consider gifting to the garden or purchasing from our cottage industry store to assist in its future growth.

We are not a 301 non-profit, so we receive no grants of financial support from any organizations or churches.

Here is what needs to be funded or gathered beyond monthly feed cost and the water bill

1.    Building materials for new raised beds 
2.    Gardening soil (good dirt is not cheap)
3.    Manure and soil amendments to refresh existing garden beds; this includes over 5 tons of much-needed wood mulch to be delivered.
4.    Organic fertilizers 
5.    Investments in fruiting vines and plants ( the recent hailstorm damaged almost all our fruit-producing plants)
6.    A shaded sitting area for our elderly visitors
7.    Water conservation updates (rain barrels, gutters, and drip irrigation)
8.    A tiller for ground cultivations
9.    A small modest greenhouse for starting our own seedlings and gifting plants to those who wish to grow their own
10.  Water bill funding: in the spring and summer our water bill is around $200.00 a month.

How to help?

Financial donations are always welcome. But seeing as how we have received less than $40.00 in donations over the 2020 year, we understand it is not the best option for most. We do not expect donations but are incredibly blessed when they do happen.

There are many other ways beyond gifting money to help out, from donating your scraps or what you may consider "trash" or purchasing one of our cottage industry products.

Through the cottage industry, my husband and I work hard to supplement our income and earn the ability to take care of the animals and run the garden. We sell a large variety of honey-sweetened jams, jellies, relish, pickles, salsa, and BBQ sauce. We also bake delicious bread using only premium ingredients that are locally sourced as much as possible. We make about a 20-25% profit off these goods and it all goes to help our family and run the garden. During the summer, we are set up each Saturday at the Amarillo Community Market. During the market offseason, weather permitting, we have our canned goods at the Crafters Market located in Wolflin Village outside SALT and Spices from 11 am till 3:30 pm each Saturday. 

Purchases of any of our products is a great blessing to us. 

Please see our cottage industry page for purchase information.

To  support financially, please use the following links 

We have an AMAZON wish list

sprouted peach seeds for planting

Ways to help from your home

We are always in need of mulching material from your kitchen. Coffee grinds and egg shells are used to amend the soil. In the Fall, please drop off your pumpkins in our driveway to be a high fiber snack for the animals. Do you have left over bagged soil from your own project? We would love to use it in our garden beds!

Do you own or manage a business?

Restaurants or coffee shops: We could use your leftover coffee grinds and eggshells for amending soil. If you have produce or bread no longer fit for human consumptions, our pigs and birds will gladly eat it.

Construction or landscaping: We have desired to have a greenhouse since we started to be able to gift seedlings to those in need, and to extend our growing period. We are in need of lumber, a concrete pad, stones to landscape a drinking pond. railroad ties, and lumber to build raised beds. We need about 5 to 7 tons of mulch delivered for water retention and soil amendments this coming 2021 year. We need four IBC totes for rainwater collection.

Breweries: The grains you brew with are a great feed for our animals.

Shipping companies: We need a few large wood shipping containers to build shelters for animals.

Items needed

Feed & animal care: Animal feed accounts for our highest monthly cost after the city water bill.  You can help us supplement those feed costs with your home, businesses, or organization's food scraps or waste that is no longer fit for human consumption. We can use:

  1. Bread

  2. Vegetables, greens, and fruit: during the winter we need a lot of leafy greens.

  3. Grains such as millet, sorghum, cracked corn, beans, or peas

  4. Children's chewable vitamins with iron (our mini pigs get a vitamin every day) 

  5. Blankets, rugs, sleeping pads

  6. Straw and hey including alfalfa

Building material: We have many projects we would like to accomplish that are listed above. These can not be started until all the supplies or services are gathered. we need:

  1. Rainwater conservation (our monthly water bill ranges from $110.00 to $250.00)

    1.  IBC totes, food-grade barrels, and containers​

    2. Water hoses and drip hoses

    3. Gutters and someone to install them 

  2. Raised beds

    1. Soils, wood mulch, and mulch delivery, manure, and manure delivery​

    2. Eggshells (our soil is calcium deficient)

    3. Epson Salt (magnesium is very important for plant growth)

    4. Coffee grinds

    5. Lumber to build beds

    6. Cattle or pig panels to grow plants up and create shaded areas

  3. Plants: We always need non-GMO seeds, fruiting trees and vines, nut trees, flowering plants, and bushes for the bees.

  4. Greenhouse: It would be lovely if someone had a greenhouse kit just gathering dust that they were willing to donate. Otherwise, we will gladly build one with:

    1. Lumber​ (you have it, we can probably use it)

    2. Someone to lay a concrete pad or bags of concrete for us to sink posts

    3. Cattle panels

    4. Transparent greenhouse pannels

  5. Miscellaneous: A stand and swing for guests, outdoor seating, and large terracotta or ceramic pots.